Regulation on Terms and Conditions for the Public Administration Internship Program for Disabled University and College Students determines the interns’ selection process, evaluation system, quality assurance of the Program, the mentoring system and interns’ placement in host institutions.

Content of Terms and conditions for the Program

1. General provisions

Clarifies basic concepts such as host institution, equality development in institutions, follow-up program, mentor, Operative Body, intern, internship and personal interview.

2. Application and selection process

It regulates conditions of application for interns and mentors. The call for application and the basic criteria for evaluation of submitted applications have to be published on the website of the Program as well.

The mentors are selected on the basis of their personal skills regarding treatment with people with disabilities.

The special selection process is conducted by HR professionals of the Prime Minister’s Office who developed special methodology for the process. Applicants interviewed where their competences are checked by the HR professionals. At the end of the selection process the Operative Body makes proposal for minister responsible for personnel policy about high-ranking interns.

3. About the internship


Selected interns make a contract with the host institution and the Office of Public Administration and Justice about rules of internship (tasks, place of practice, amount of grant etc.).

Equality development in institutions

Mentors take part in equality development and follow-up programs in order to be even more successful in supporting their interns during the internship program.

The equality development program has been developed by the Prime Minister’s Office.


Interns are supported by mentors all the way through the internship program. Mentors are experienced, properly prepared, respected senior colleague of the host institutions who helps and evaluates the intern’s performance monthly during the Program.

Main requirements:

·         minimum two years of professional experience

·         highly motivated

·         personal skills (empathy, understanding others’ needs, open-minded etc.)

Tasks of host institutions

The internship contract regulates the tasks of host institution. Main tasks are to support both the mentors and the interns, offer to the interns the most proper environment to develop their skills and gain experience.

Interns’ tasks

Interns take part in trainings organized by the Prime Minister’s Office. Regulation on trainings has to be approved by Operative Body.

Interns take part in supervisions which are organized at least twice during the program.

At the end of the program interns prepare a review on their tasks, best practices and their difficulties and their solutions.

Evaluation system

Describes the following documents of the Program:

Sample Evaluation Sheet (monthly, program summary evaluation sheet)

Sample Evaluation Sheet for intern (filled in by intern about the Program)

4. Quality Assurance

Transparency is highly important for the organizers. Selection process, evaluation process, mentoring, on-the-spot monitoring visits and supervisions are entirely regulated by Terms and Conditions of the Program.