Mentors' experineces

We are delighted that the Program continues and we hope that more and more disabled student will apply to work in public administration under the Program.

In our department we often receive interns and trainees. Without exception we have had really great experiences with them and that’s why we decided to participate in Public Administration Internship Program for Disabled University and College Students.

With the great preparatory work of the organizers and the well-prepared selection process, we received a great intern who could be easily integrated and provided a professional assistance to our work.

As a mentor my task was to make my colleagues be more sensitive to disabled people. I introduced the new Program to them and they were very opened to welcome interns.

The organizers care for the continuous supervisions of mentor. I am sure that the Program would not be as successful as it was without supervisions. I am glad that the Program continues and we will welcome more and more disabled interns in public administration.

(Mentor, Ministry of Interior, 2014)


I really liked the Program. I learned a lot about myself, my work and “good” assistance. I realized that sometimes I am too fast and cannot live in the moment. But I had to learn to pay attention to my intern even at the busiest times of the year. At the beginning I thought I would be hard to communicate with a deaf person but I was not difficult at all. She was very intelligent and with technical assistance and patience I could easily communicate with her. We built her way of seeing into our common work which was very fruitful. The intern become a great member of our team and we still have lunch together.

(Mentor, Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, State Secretary of Public Relations, 2014)


I was looking forward to the task and I felt responsible for my intern to gain professional experience and to find out task of his interest.  It was memorable to monitor my intern’s development from day to day.

During this eventful time our intern attended many interesting programs, conferences and events. He had task of his interest. For instance he participated in activities such as communication with European Commission.

It was a pleasure to work together with the organizers because I could try myself out as a mentor and gained a lot of new experiences.

(Mentor, Prime Minister’s Office, 2014)