Interns' experiences from previous years

I spent my three-month internship at the Department of Science and Research Development. I was really great to see how the central public administration functions and to use knowledge acquired at university. I get to know really good colleagues and the atmosphere was very friendly.  It was interesting to experience how tasks change in the Ministry. Once I had to deal with daily issues which had to be solved quickly, other times I took part in long-term strategic planning. I would recommend this program.

(Intern, Ministry of Human Resources, 2014) 

The Public Administration Internship Program for Disabled University and College Students was a mile stone for me to gain professional experiences. The Program had many advantages:

·         I could develop my communication skills.

·         I have learned how to respond to particular problems quickly.

·         I developed my problem solving skills.

·         I realized that I could easily cooperate with colleagues.

In addtition, the Program pointed out that there are many opportunities for people with disabilities in the public sector which is very diverse. If someone is willing to work in public administration, I am sure he or she can find the field of his/hers interest.

(Intern, Ministry of Public Adminstration and Justice, 2014)

I spent my internship at the Department of Development policy and Communication in Prime Minister’s Office where I felt appriaceted from the first time. Thanks to my mentor I learned  a lot professionally and personally. It was very impartan that I felt useful and my tasks were according to my interest. The experiences I gained during the internship program I could use when I applied for my first job.

(Intern, Prime Minister’s Office, 2014)