About the current program

1.    Application and selection

The call for application and the basic criteria for evaluation of submitted applications have to be published on the website of the Program as well.

The mentors are selected on the basis of their personal skills regarding treatment with people with disabilities.

The special selection process of interns is conducted by HR professionals of the Prime Minister’s Office who developed special methodology for the process. Applicants interviewed where their competences are checked by the HR professionals. At the end of the selection process the Operative Body makes proposal for minister responsible for personnel policy about high-ranking interns.

2.    Mentors’ training

Mentors’ main tasks are:

  •          supporting
  •          supervision of tasks
  •         evaluation
  •         promote the establishment of integrated work environment

In order to support interns accordingly mentors take part in a three-day equality development training where they acquire practical and theoretical knowledge about disabilities, main trends in disability policy and good practices.

 Our intention was to provide trainings for mentors, which help them to learn about the basic characteristics of disability policy, domestic and international trends.  The theoretical block followed by a practical block.  Its aims are that mentors get to know more about people with disabilities, to help them to learn communication techniques to easily contact people with disabilities and assess interns’ skills.

At the end of the training with the help of the trainer mentors discuss the methods, which help interns to start working in public administration and schedule their tasks.

 3.    Interns’ training

Trainings are organized by the Prime Minister’s Office. The interns acquire basic knowledge about Hungarian constitution, tasks of institutions and system of administrative bodies. During the trainings participants can also choose special topics of their interest.

4.    Final review

At the end of the program interns prepare a review on their tasks, best practices and their difficulties and their solutions.